The Cough Company Announces a New Over-the-Counter 12-Hour DM Formulation


MORRISTOWN, New Jersey – Jan. 26, 2010 – The Cough Company, a life sciences product development company focused on improving therapies for cough, today announced the successful completion of proof of concept for its

over-the-counter 12-hour oral solid drug formulation of dextromethorphan.


"We are extremely pleased to announce that work on the development of our 12-hour dextromethorphan formulation supports the claims in our REA Ion Exchange Resins™ patent submission to the United States Patent and Trademark Office," said Dr. William Howard, President and CEO of The Cough Company. "The preliminary results suggest that our new formulation can have the immediate release and sustained release components needed for a 12-hour DM product."

"Market research indicates a strong interest in a tablet or capsule formulation of dextromethorphan," Dr. Howard continued. "Solid dosage forms have the benefit of portability and dosing accuracy as compared to liquid cough medications. Consumers don’t want to lug around a bulky, messy bottle in order to take their next dose of cough medicine. Interestingly, consumers mentioned discretion as an added benefit of a tablet or capsule cough medication. We also think the formulation results are probably sufficient to advance our patent toward final approval."

"We are actively seeking to partner with an established pharmaceutical company to complete the development of a 12-hour DM tablet or capsule," Dr. Howard added.

OTC cough/cold products generated sales of over $4 billion in 2008 and represent the largest and most rapidly growing OTC segment according to the Consumer Health Products Association web site (


About The Cough Company, Inc.:
The Cough Company is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development of new and improved respiratory, pain, and women’s health products. The Company is currently focused on prescription and OTC cough medications, with pain and women’s health products in the pipeline. The Company’s 505(b)(2) strategy means that products can be developed quickly and with low regulatory hurdles which reduces the overall time to market and leads to lower total development cost for a patent-protected, NDA-approved drug product.



Source: Alitair Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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